Reply to A Confidential Letter

Now, Mr. Geoff is writing a reply to his friend Mr. Bill thanking him for his Confidential Letter.

101/NB Tamil Lane,

26th August 2001.

Dear Bill,

We all are grateful to you for your help in a great measure.All of us are worried for a long time about the well being of my son for his association with vicious people and bad habits.You have rendered a yeoman serivces to us by taking up the resposibilities of bringing my son the path of righteousness and rectitude.

You have proved to be a friend in deed.Now we feel free and happy because my son is under the guardianship a great soul.We abide by all the instructions that you have noted in your letter.

Please keep us informed about my son’s progress.

With our heartfelt thanks.

Yours Cordially,

Signature of Geoff


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