Reply to Felicitation Letter

12nd Dec. 2003.

This is the Reply to Felicitation Letter.Mrs. Marabou Asahi is writing a reply to Mr. Muralidharan, accepting the invitation to preside over the Felicittion function.


Mrs. Marabou Asahi,,
Head of the Department of Social Sciences,
12nd Dec. 2003.
Trichur University,


Mr. Muralidharan,
Bhatia Nari Samaj,
16-New Avenue,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Thank You for your letter requesting me to preside over the felicitation ceremony for Mrs. Hemevati Rani Singhania. I heartily and gratefully accept this offer.

I have been in continual touch with the social activities of Mrs. Singhania for a decade and have personally known her as a very warm friend. I have referred to her and to her activities in various reports and papers read out at international conferences organized by feminist and socialist and socialist organizations. At the last conference at Munich, many delegates expressed a desire to visit Kerala and acquaint themselves with the activities of Mrs. Singhania.

Once again, I shall deem it my privilege to preside over the function.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of Mrs. Marabou Asahi)


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