Reply to Letters of Complaint

This is a Reply to Letters of Complaint.


The Chief Personnel Officer,
Atria National Airways,


The Secretary,
Mumbai’s Women’s Equality Forum,

29th Jan. 2004.

Dear Sir,

Dear Madam,

I have received your letter dated 19th Jan.2004 on the subject of discrimination in our recruitment policy.

Let me assure you at the outset that our policy guidelines laid down by our founder Shri M.K.Jetty has nothing to do with gender bias. The first Governing body of our airlines was of the view that women have to attend household chores and maternity problems. They were on leave for long stretches owing to pregnancy and children. Also, it was thought wise not to withdraw women from their role as mothers, since our children who are our national wealth would get their best attention in their most important years. We did not discriminate between the married women and spinsters, since this made a reflection on marriage which is to be projected as a sacrosanct institution. As you will see, our policy was guided by human factors.

However, our next meeting of the governing body is meeting soon. And I shall be pleased to lay down your objections in front of them for examinations. I shall inform you of any changes that may be proposed.

With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of JAGDISH KATRA)


The Chief Personnel Officer

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