Synonyms & Antonyms : Resign


( Verb )

He resigned his post from the Cabinet.









Contextual Examples:

He has renounced the world and become a Sanyasi.

I have abandoned the idea of becoming a Charted Accountant.

Manoj has decided to quit his present job.

He has sought the permission of his boss to leave the station.

After the battle, the enemy troops surrendered.

King Edward VII abdicated in 1936 on grounds of his romance with the daughter of a commoner.

My mother yielded to my wish and agreed to attend the annual function of my school along with my father.









Contextual Examples:

Our forces held the ground despite heavy bombing.

I have decided to stay in the hostel to continue my higher education in this city.

Only about half original workforce remains.

I will maintain myself by taking part-time job of accounts in a local firm.

This will help to retain my self-respect in my family circle.

You should keep to your lane while cycling on a city road. That is the traffic rule to be observed.

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