Simple Sentences used
at School

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Simple Sentences used at School :

  1. Bring the attendance.

  2. Where is the chalk piece?

  3. Clean the black, board.

  4. Has the H.M. come?

  5. What is the period?

  6. Who is the teacher?

  7. How many periods are there totally?

  8. What is our school strength?

  9. How much is the first mark?

  10. Didn't your friend come?

  11. Has the book been wrapped?

  12. What is the lunch today?

  13. Maths is very tough, isn't it?

  14. Our ground is very neat.

  15. Does the fan work?

  16. Last period was very dull.

  17. Was the last period English?

  18. Our science teacher gives a lot of home work.

  19. Why are you late?

  20. How did you come?

  21. Do you have two-wheeler?

  22. Heavy traffic.

  23. The HM is very strict.

  24. Our teacher is friendlier to us.

  25. Let us go to canteen.

  26. Give two pieces of cake.

  27. Do you drink water?

  28. Is tomorrow a holiday?

  29. Why do they declare?

  30. Tomorrow is second Saturday.

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