Science and Mathematics : New Words

Here is the list of New Words related to Science and Mathematics.

aeriform : adjective : having the form of air, as gas

caloric : adjective : pertaining to the matter of heat

decahedron : noun : a figure of ten sides

deliquesce : verb : to dissolve or soften in air

electrician : noun : one versed in electricity

foliar : adjective : pertaining to or growing from a leaf

galvanism : noun : the name given to effects resembling electricity, produced by metallic substances

ignescent : adjective : yielding fire or sparks

lignify : verb : to become or convert into wood

nutrient : noun : that which feeds or nourishes

psychology : noun : the doctrines of spirit or mind

sebaceous : adjective : fat, pertaining to fat

vaccine : noun : the cow pox, kine-pox

vaccinate : verb : to inoculate with the virus of the cow pox

vaporize : verb : to convert into vapor by heat

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