Simple Sentences used
in Self-Introduction
( By A College Student )

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Simple Sentences used in Self-Introduction ( By A College Student) :

  1. I am Karthik, doing my graduate studies.

  2. The name of our college is Govt. Arts College.

  3. The college is located in Trichy.

  4. I hail from Lalgudi.

  5. I am a day scholar.

  6. I attend the classes regularly.

  7. There are forty students in my class.

  8. The name of our Principal is Dr. Ganesan.

  9. Our Principal is a good administrator.

  10. My father is a landlord

  11. My father is a Gandhian.

  12. I undergo coaching classes is for I.A.S.

  13. I teach the poor students in the evening.

  14. After finishing my graduation, I will do my P.G.

  15. We have autonomous system in our college.

  16. The Professors are efficient and they motivate us.

  17. In March, the Education Minister will come to our college.

  18. I study computer in the evening.

  19. I want to become a computer programmer.

  20. During leisure period, I use the library.

  21. Our college is a co-education college.

  22. Our college is the best one.

  23. We conduct several meetings in our college.

  24. Our college got the Best College award.

  25. The students are always regular & punctual.

  26. I am proud of my college at all times.

  27. I have self-confidence and faith in hard work.

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