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Mr. Shoran is writing a letter to his uncle on his (uncle’s) 70th birthday.

18/23-AB: Sonata Tower,
Bill Mart,
Third Street,
Mall Avenue,
New York.

23rd Dec. 2001.

My Dear Uncle,

I just remembered that it is your birthday on coming Saturday and so I must send you a birthday letter at once. And I begin with the old greeting: Many more returns of the day!

I hope the day itself will be peaceful and happy for you and that you will be spared in happiness and health to us all for years yet. We have already seen a kind and generous uncle to us, and I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us. And I know all your nieces and other nephews feel the same.

I was glad to hear from my father that you are healthy and hearty and that you can take four mile walk every day and still play a set of tennis.

I am sending a book which I feel you will like. You were always a great reader, and I am glad that your eyesight remains as good as ever, so father says.

I am getting on well in my business and hope to enlarge it considerably by the end of this year.

Convey best wishes to both my aunt and your son Mark.

With love and best wishes.

Your loving nephew,

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