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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. I am surprised to see you here.

    (a) amazed

    (b) impressed

    (c) prompted

    ANSWER : amazed

  2. We should not follow old custom.

    (a) friends

    (b) fool

    (c) habit

    ANSWER : habit

  3. I am still paying the penalty of another neglect.

    (a) punishment

    (b) reward

    (c) award

    ANSWER : punishment

  4. There is no clarity in the picture.

    (a) dim

    (b) dullness

    (c) shining

    ANSWER : shining

  5. He is a timid fellow.

    (a) nice

    (b) clever

    (c) bad-tempered

    ANSWER : bad-tempered

  6. He is a queer person.

    (a) real

    (b) hated

    (c) strange

    ANSWER : strange

  7. What an amusing thing!

    (a) funny

    (b) real

    (c) strange

    ANSWER : funny

  8. Show me the authentic proof.

    (a) hated

    (b) real

    (c) funny

    ANSWER : real

  9. He has automatic watch.

    (a) mechanical

    (b) funning

    (c) strange

    ANSWER : mechanical

  10. He detested bad habits.

    (a) loved

    (b) hated

    (c) reached

    ANSWER : hated

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