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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. It existed in many the world’s early civilizations.

    (a) be

    (b) faced

    (c) played

    ANSWER : be

  2. Ice hockey evolved in the British isles in the 19th Century.

    (a) came out

    (b) credited

    (c) aggregated

    ANSWER : came out

  3. I was possibly adapted from the Irish came of hurling.

    (a) surpassed

    (b) made suitable

    (c) dreamed

    ANSWER : made suitable

  4. Possibly from the Irish game of hurling.

    (a) sleeping

    (b) drawing

    (c) jumping

    ANSWER : jumping

  5. The British army helped spread hockey internationally.

    (a) guide

    (b) pace

    (c) move

    ANSWER : guide

  6. Its popularity was booming in the Indian Subcontinent.

    (a) play

    (b) hit

    (c) fame

    ANSWER : fame

  7. Its popularity especially booming in the Indian Subcontinent.


    (b) tutelage

    (c) shining

    ANSWER : shining

  8. Men’s hockey first appeared at the 1908 Olympic games.

    (a) seemed

    (b) matched

    (c) helped

    ANSWER : seemed

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