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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. The moral world has no greater spectacle than this.

    (a) scenery

    (b) glasses

    (c) sight

  2. Jean Valjean walked cautiously.

    (a) truly

    (b) carefully

    (c) wisely

  3. This is something I bought at the wholesale market.

    (a) learned

    (b) purchased

    (c) altered

  4. We were all watching the thief when he suddenly jumped over the wall.

    (a) leaped

    (b) altered

    (c) carefully

  5. I could not remember where I left my bag.

    (a) altered

    (b) carefully

    (c) recollect

  6. The bad weather completely ruined the Match.

    (a) carefully

    (b) purchased

    (c) spoiled

  7. This stay is quite good but some parts are to be changed.

    (a) purchased

    (b) altered

    (c) recollect

  8. Don’t be silly.

    (a) foolish

    (b) gentle

    (c) nice


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