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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. All these adventures had a few qualities.

    (a) brave man

    (b) cowards

    (c) discoverers

  2. They were focussed. (a) set held

    (b) wondered

    (c) cleft

  3. He is afraid of danger.

    (a) safety

    (b) cockpit

    (c) unsafety

  4. ….. with danger is to keep in contact with it.

    (a) involvement

    (b) swank

    (c) zoom

  5. ………. set off on a voyage from Europe to China.

    (a) journey

    (b) hypnotise

    (c) locomotives

  6. With bags of jewels and bales of silk

    (a) zoom

    (b) bluns

    (c) bundles

  7. His own relatives did not recognise him.

    (a) identify

    (b) hide

    (c) see

  8. Columbus crossed the Atlantic and discovered it. (a) invented (b) focussed (c) deterred


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