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Susee, Mani and Kumar

Susee : Hello! Is it Kumar's house?

Mani : Yes. May I know who's on the other end?

Susee : My name is Susee. I'm Kumar's friend. Can I speak to Kumar?

Mani : Yes. Please hold on.

Mani : Hello Kumar! What were you doing there?

Kumar : I was watching T.V. Why did you call me?

Mani : Your friend Susee is on the line.

Kumar : Right. Let her be online for some time. I will be there in a minute.

Mani : Hello Susee! Kumar is coming. Please be online for some time.

Susee : OK. That is fine. I will be her waiting for Kumar.

Kumar : Hai Susee! How are you? What is the matter?

Susee : I am sorry to disturb you on Sunday. Could you come over here to meet our boss?

Kumar : OK. I will be in our office in few minutes.

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