Telephone Conversations

Having telephone conversations in a second language can be very stressful. If you don’t know what to say, it is very common to feel nervous in any conversation. This is true even when speaking in your native tongue. One of the main reasons people get nervous is because they aren’t prepared and know they might make mistakes during the conversation.

To improve confidence on the phone you must learn what to say. The first thing you should do to improve your telephone communication ability is to start out small by learning simple vocabulary and phrases. Start by knowing different greetings. It is so easy when learning English to try to do too much too soon and then get frustrated with not being able to speak as you had imagined. You have to start small, gradually developing skills and slowly working up to something more difficult.

Relax and enjoy yourself as well. Everyone knows learning a language can be frustrating! Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Native speakers of English understand that you won’t say everything the exact same way that they would. You shouldn’t feel that you can’t make any mistakes, no one expects you to be perfect.

In the following examples on English telephone conversations, we will give many examples of sentences and phrases you should know. From the start until the end of a telephone conversation we will go over everything all the way from greetings to goodbyes.

Here are a few sets of Telephone Conversations. Read the conversations in each set so that you will become familiar with the typical words frequently used in telephone conversations. Only over the period of time and after more practice hours, you could master how to converse in telephone. You might have had many such telephone conversations either in your social life or in your business life. Share your blissful moments with us. You will be duly acknowledged.

  1. Meena calls Deepa.
  2. Susee talks with Kumar.
  3. Meet me at the bus stop.
  4. Ask him to contact me urgently.
  5. Meet the friend who had gone to foreign nation.
  6. Pooja wants to meet David.
  7. Rahul and Nancy are caught in a wrong call over mobile.

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