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Rahul and Nancy

Rahul : Hello! Who is this?

Nancy : Sir I am Nancy.

Rahul : I received missed calls from your number.

Nancy : Who are you?

Rahul : I am Rahul.

Nancy : What are you doing?

Rahul : I am preparing for IAS exam.

Nancy : I tried for the other number but it came to you.

Rahul : All are saying like this.

Nancy : I am not such a person as you think.

Rahul : What are you madam?

Nancy : I am a medical college student.

Rahul : Then you are not madam. A Miss.

Nancy : Yes. I am Miss.

Rahul : For what have you given missed calls?

Nancy : I have already told. You know.

Rahul : What did you tell?

Nancy : I have done it by mistake.

Rahul : Then it is a wrong call.

Nancy : Of course you are right.

Rahul : You are talking nicely.

Nancy : Thank you very much.

Rahul : Where are you speaking from?

Nancy : I am speaking from...

Rahul : Don't say from America.

Nancy : I don't tell lies.

Rahul : Then tell me.

Nancy : I am from Trichy.

Rahul : Hereafter I won't receive missed calls.

Nancy : No. Let us be friends here after.

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