Synonyms & Antonyms : Temporary


( Adjective )

His job is only
temporary. It may take few more months to make it permanent.









Contextual Examples:

A woman’s youth is more
fleeting than that of the man.

The glory of a leader is
evanescent unless he rises to the status man on immortal deeds.

The economic depression comes to many non – socialist countries as
passing phase.

Some of the insect have an
ephemeral life, just a few moments or at the maximum a few hours.







Contextual Examples:

Mrs. Gandhi has left an
everlasting impact on India’s history for many of her achievements.

A few names in every country’s history become
immortal for their everlasting contribution to human thought.

Certain scientific concepts are regarded as
permanent and invariable as they will continue to be applied for the millennium.

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