The Gift of The Fox

The Gift of The Fox :

The forest was buzzing with activity. All the animals and birds were dressed in their best. They were all carrying colourfully packed gifts and heading for the lion's den. It was the lion king's birthday and he had invited everyone. At the den, all the animals were present but the fox was absent. The wolf was jealous of the fox. So he got a chance to get him in trouble.

The wolf said to the lion, "Your Majesty, See how insulting the fox has been. He has not come to wish or gift you on this great occasion."

Just then the fox reached the den. He overheard the wolf talking against him. The clever fox grew thoughtful. Then he said, "Your Majesty, I got late because I had gone to get magical shoes for you. They will keep you forever young. But unfortunately I couldn't get them."

"Why?" The lion asked. "Because there was no wolf skin to make it."

The wolf heard this and ran away from the den. He did not want to be killed to be made into the lion's shoes.

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