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The Notorious Animals

The Notorious Animals :

Once, a fox and a wolf got into a petty argument. Soon the argument grew into a fierce fight. They decided to go to the law court for justice. Both the animals told their sides of the story to the monkey judge.

After hearing their stories, the monkey judge grew thoughtful. So finally the monkey judge read out his judgement. It read, "We all know that foxes are very clever and mean. The tales of their tricks are known all over the world. They can never be fooled. The fox will thus be punished for falsely accusing the wolf."

On hearing that, the wolf looked proud but then the monkey judge continued,

"On the other hand, wolves are not less cruel than the foxes. They can never be trapped with flattery or tricks. I am sure the wolf is lying too. So he is also fit to receive the same punishment."

So neither the fox nor the wolf could win the case. Because of their notorious reputation both of them got the punishment.

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