The Noun Clause

Grammar Index : 2

The Noun Clause does the function of a noun in a sentence.

Examples :

  • I feared that I would fail.

  • He expected that we would go by his words.

  • What she got is what I donated to her.

  • He replied that he would come to the function.

  • To reply to him in time is what we are supposed to do now.

  • We have to give him $12000 which we borrowed from him a long time back.

  • All are allowed to take their lunch at the canteen which we have opened recently.

  • She said what she was supposed to say.

  • I will give him which I got from him.

  • This is what you gave me.

    boldened parts of these sentences are Noun Clauses)

    The Other Two Types of The Subordinate Clause are :

    (i) The Adjective Clause
    (ii) The Adverb Clause

    Grammar Index : 2

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