Synonyms & Antonyms : Thoughtful


( Adjective )

It was thoughtful of you to warn me of your arrival.









Contextual Examples:

Suzan listens to his class lectures attentively.

A CID inspector has to be extremely circumspect these days of criminal proclivities of respected class of businessmen and the beaurocrats.

An entrepreneur of consumer products has to be heedful of the health of the consumers.

Indian women have been very provident in keeping their budgets in trim.

They have to be prudent in the choice of goods for consumption by the family.

I have to be careful with my razor while shaving owing the hardness of my skin.

Modern family life expects the husband to be considerate to his wife’s feelings and vice versa.









Contextual Examples:

Pankaj is a carefree boy. He studies deeply when on table and plays freely in the play ground.

He does not entertain any worries and keeps gay and humorous in company.

Alfred is always remiss in both studies and games.

Mr. Anil Jain is a reckless businessman. He gambles higher stakes for his greed for money, but most of the time suffers losses.

Robin is negligent of his games. Hence he often falls sick. He is neglectful of his bodily health.

I feel giddydue to prolong illness. I must take bed rest.

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