Synonyms & Antonyms : Toleration


( Noun )

Your toleration of criticism shows your emotional maturity.









Contextual Examples:

Rats have developed a tolerance for certain poisons.

The temperature of this stall suits the cooking range of this pressure cooker.

He showed remarkable endurance throughout his illness.

No laxity will be allowed to political parties indulging in violence in this region.

She shows love and forgiveness for her enemies.

He appealed to the judge for clemency.

The government expects all political parties to practice moderation in their election campaigns.



Heating up

Wearing off





Contextual Examples:

Over medication during my last illness has caused me irritation.

The elections have heated up the political atmosphere in the state.

The effect of the ennobling speeches of The Prime Minister is wearing off.

The rigidity of the metal caused it to crack.

The democratic wind is manifesting some over-bearance in India’s political atmosphere.

The socialists have loosened their old dogmatism and fanaticism.

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