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( Adjective )

A new topical news film has been released today. Shall we go to that film?







Contextual Examples:

A mixed economy is a system which is indicative of the existence of the public & private sectors side by side.

It is a universal phenomenon symbolical of the co-existence of the rich and the poor.

There is regular competition among the private entrepreneurs on the one side and a regulated coordination between the public and private sectors on the others.

The system is illustrative of the logical pattern that runs the economy of all countries in mutual relationships in economic life.






Contextual Examples:

In the middle ages, the relationship among human was abnormal. There were feudal and serfs, aristocrats and the common.

There was emphasis on the singular interest of the feudal, the kings and the nobles.

Some of the peculiar philosophies held away few other philosophies. The philosophy of divine right of kings and sub divine right of the nobles were started as destined by God!

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