Synonyms & Antonyms : Tyranny


( Noun )

Living in that country is nothing but living under tyranny.








Contextual Examples:

Totalitarianism is a political concept which thrived during first part of the century up to Second World War in Germany and Italy.

The power in these countries was held by Hitler and Mussolini in its totality. They are autocrats.

Hitler and Mussolini let loose oppression of the people and made them to obey the government in their wrongful activities.

They were despots of the harshest variety.

They ruled with all the rigor and harshness at their command.







Contextual Examples:

Opposite to the tyranny of the dictators is the government of the democracies in which pity and love are the key policies for the people at large.

The rich should have a compassion for the poor in a country where the rich show sincere sympathy for the poor, the government adopts a policy of softness for the rich.

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