Synonyms & Antonyms : Unanimity


( Noun )

We are in unanimity to support the government policy.












Contextual Examples:

There is scope for greater harmony among the people of India.

Businessmen, servicemen, employees of firms, workers of factories, farmers, landlords, and others you want to go to beach? Yes they shouted in unison.

Rajeev Gandhi has been able to achieve quite a few agreements with dissidents – Akalis in Punjab, ULFA in Assam to quote a few.

Accord in Assam has solved the six-year old dispute over foreigners who migrated to the state from Bangladesh. It has brought concord among the people of the state.







Contextual Examples:

Recent accords have considerably reduced areas of disagreement on vital issue of autonomy and reconciliation of economic interests of different regions in the country.

Numerous bones of contention have been removed by peaceful negotiation.

Differences among political groups have been removed by rational discussion.

Points of variance among politicians have been clarified to mutual satisfaction.

Causes of disharmony among groups have been successfully removed.

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