Synonyms & Antonyms : Unconcerned


( Adjective )

The teachers remained
unconcerned about the welfare of the students.








Contextual Examples:

He is a person of such a
cool mind. He remains nonchalant under most provoking circumstances. He is above small emotions of worldly type.

Judges has to take
disinterested view and measure the facts of both sides in terms of law.

In modern societies, Judges have to interpret the law but they need not remain
indifferent to the basic tenets of the constitution whenever a point comes up for their discretion.






Contextual Examples:

solicitous enquirers paid a personal visit to the scene of rail accident to know the fate of their lives.

Interested parties responded to the advertisement by the Central Housing Board for allotment of new flats in the major cities in the country.

I felt keep
concerned over the death of such a prominent leader.

I had a few
anxious moments before the plane landed safely.

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