Synonyms & Antonyms : Undertaking


( Noun )

Could you take undertaking of this loss-making company?









Contextual Examples:

Gamin India Ltd has secured the contract for the construction of roads and flyover in New Delhi.

They have been in that sort of an endeavor for over two decades and their financial standing and technical know-how are quite sound.

They are an old enterprise with good record and a promising future.

They have a sister concern engaged in the manufacture of road making equipments.

The car hire firm is their latest business venture.







Contextual Examples:

Sense of irresponsibility can make a fool of even an intelligent businessman.

Your refusal to entertain your boss is going to cost you your job.

Your truancy to the boss is likely to spoil your impression.

You cannot always find escapade as a protection from routine.

Avoidance of duty is crime both in social and religious lives.

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