Synonyms & Antonyms : Unfair


( Adjective )

The unfair competition that prevails in India between The Multinational Corporations and the Indian Compnaies has to be changed.










Contextual Examples:

The social order in India will remain unjust unless there are fixed legal upper and lower limits on incomes of citizens.

The social order will remain inequitable so long as an upper limit on the property owned by an individual is not fixed.

The fixation of minimum wages is only a partial step towards the goal of social equality.

The country has a large number of dishonest officials in the government.

There are still many wrongful laws coming down from the pre-independence days.









Contextual Examples:

Fair deal must be meted out to the poor.

The administration should be just and honest in its objectives.

We must take unprejudiced view of things in our decisions.

The judges must be neutral and impartial in their judgments, not ignoring the spirit of the constitution.

The constitution needs to be amended to provide for more equitable social order.

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