Synonyms & Antonyms : Unusual


( Adjective )

He has a nose of unusual size.









Contextual Examples:

This is an extraordinary monument of ancient time. There are many carved walls and ceilings.

He has a remarkable personality. He becomes the center of conversation wherever he goes.

I had a peculiar feeling that I had been there before.

He has an uncommon lovely gait which attracts every onlooker.

Mr. Mehta is an exceptional medical man. There is no disease he cannot cure. His medical excellence is singularly rare.







Contextual Examples:

The usual procedure as laid down in the election law will be followed in the elections in the states.

The common man is regarded as a VIP during elections.

Indian farmer still follow the hackneyed technology. Hence some of them do not flourish the way they should.

He is a habitual liar. Hence nobody trusts him.

There is nothing commonplace about Deepak who has sophisticated tastes in every walk of life.

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