Difficult Words :

Vestige and Vernacular

Difficult Words : Vestige and Vernacular

By using this page, you can increase your vocabulary faster and more easily than you may realize. You can, in fact, accomplish a tremendous gain in your communication skills in less than two to three months of concentrated effort, even if you go at your own speed of a page a day.

Vernacular (vur NAK yuh lur) n: everyday speech, slang, idiom

Our teacher said that we should save our vernacular for the street. In the classroom we should use proper grammar.

Vestige (VES tij) n: a remaining bit of something, a last trace

The unhappy young man found vestiges of his fiancée in the rubble, but the explosion had effectively ended their romance.

An old uniform and a tattered scrapbook were the only vestiges of the old man's career as a professional athlete.

Your appendix is a vestige. It used to have a function, but now this organ does nothing.

The adjective form of vestige is vestigial. The appendix is referred to as a vestigial organ. It is still in our bodies, although it no longer has a function. It is a mere vestige of some function our digestive systems no longer perform.

This site in general and this page in particular will certainly help the visitors to increase their knowledge of vocabulary in an exhaustive way. Whilst browsing through this list, at one full swoop you will pick up many words with the same or a related and the opposite meaning.

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