Synonyms & Antonyms : Victory


( Noun )

He was the responsible man who lead the team to








Contextual Examples:

The Punjab accord implies the
triumph of forces of national integrity and communal harmony.

It proves
supremacy of good over evil.

It means
success of the efforts of sane thinking people and failure of those who stood for secession and breakup of the country.

It is an
achievement of the Prime Minister and the leader of the Akali Party.

conquest of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norkey shows their mastery of the art of mountaineering.








Contextual Examples:

Brave people do not accept
defeat come what may.

Everything also is
subservient to the child’s welfare.

They accept
failure easily as their power or resistance is low.

A few failures cause
frustration in a man by gradual degrees of descent.

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