Difficult Words:

Vindicate and Vilify

Difficult Words : Vindicate and Vilify

Vilify (VIL uh FYE) v: to say vile things about, to defame

The teacher was reprimanded for vilifying the slow student in front of the rest of the class.

Our taxi driver paused briefly on the way to the airport in order to vilify the driver of the car that had nearly forced him off the road.

The political debate was less a debate than a vilification contest.

At first the candidates took turns saying nasty things about each other. Then they stopped taking turns.

Vindicate (VIN duh KATE) v: to clear from all blame or suspicion, to justify

Tony, having been accused of stealing money from the cash register, was vindicated when the store manager counted the money again and found that none was missing after all.

Inez's claim of innocence appeared to be vindicated when several dozen inmates at the state mental hospital confessed to the crime of which she had been accused.

A person who has been vindicated is a person who has found vindication.

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