Synonyms & Antonyms : Violation


( Noun )

Your company has acted in violation of the treaty.









Contextual Examples:

This is a military area. Our going through this road may mean trespass. Hence we will have to take to the longer route to reach our destination.

Infraction of law brings one due punishment.

Infringement of rights of others has its adverse impact on one’s own rights

Blaring radio are a sacrilege in such a secluded part of the countryside.

There is a distribution of functions among different departments of administration so that there is no transgression or overlapping of responsibilities.







Contextual Examples:

Compliance of our duties is as important as the enjoyment of our rights.

As citizens we are expected to adhere to the obligation laid down in the constitution of our country.

To pass, a law the Lok Sabha must obtain the concurrence of the Rajya Sabha and vice versa.

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