Synonyms & Antonyms : Void


( Adjective )

The agreement, not being signed, is null and void.








Contextual Examples:

The system of Sati was abolished among the Hindus in the 19th century with the efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

The role of money in elections more or less negates the functioning of democracy in India.

Corruption in bureaucracy also nullifies some of the good points of democracy. It fails to cancel the creation of black money by businessmen.








Contextual Examples:

The public sector was first established on an ambitious scale in the second plan.

The president has endorsed the anti-defection bill and it has since become law.

Men of the new economic reforms are designed to legalize the black money.

I have obtained an all-India permit for my new deluxe tourist bus.

I have renewed the license of my old car.

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