Simple Sentences used
while Watching Cricket Match

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Simple Sentences used while Watching Cricket Match :

  1. Who won the toss?

  2. Who will bat first?

  3. Who is the captain of Pakistan?

  4. Pakistan won the toss.

  5. They will bat first.

  6. Where is this match held?

  7. At Lahore in Pakistan.

  8. Who bowls from our team?

  9. What is the speed of Agarkar?

  10. Not even the speed of Sameer.

  11. Who is the spinner?

  12. He will give a lot of runs.

  13. The batting style of Yussof is good.

  14. They scored 300 runs.

  15. That is all today for us.

  16. Come let us have some thing?

  17. Have we started batting?

  18. Our openers are playing well.

  19. They play well once in blue moon.

  20. Is Tendulkar duck over even today?

  21. Why didn't he come to form?

  22. All for advertisement money.

  23. Who are batting now?

  24. Dhoni and Yuvaraj Singh.

  25. Good partnership.

  26. Wow! The huge sixer.

  27. That is all Pakistan today.

  28. Did the play end?

  29. Mm. It's over in 45 over.

  30. India won an excellent victory.

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