Words in English

Grammar Index : 2

Words may be of individual letter or a group of letters.

A word should give a meaning.

Then only it will be treated as a word.

Write, speech, My, You, come, go, learn, type, computer, teach, January, India, America, China, God, etc., are words.

These words give complete meanings. These are correct words.

Here are many more words and how the words are used in the sentences.

A : A boy is playing.

I : I am going to temple.

We : We are friends.

He : He is our friend.

God : God is omnipotent.

Many : Many people attended the party.

Lorry : Lorry is used to carry goods.

Letter : I have posted all the letters.

Achieve : Achieve something in your life.

Reporter : The reporter has submitted his report.

Technology : Technology has improved.

Signature : Your signature is not clear.

Fertilizer : Use organic fertilizer for better farming.

Composition : Submit your composition note book today.

Father-in-Law : Her father-in-law is a gentle man.

Enthusiastic : We need enthusiastic workers.

Independence : India got independence on 15th August 1947.

International : The two international leaders discussed the border issue.

Multi-coloured : This book has multi-coloured wrapper.

Communication : Aim at clear communication.

Pronunciation : Pronunciation is important in a language study.

The Other Four Units of English are :

  1. Letter

  2. Phrase

  3. Clause

  4. Sentence

Grammar Index : 2

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