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A phrase is a group of words.

It must have some meaning.

It should not contain a finite verb.

If it contains a finite verb, it will be a sentence or clause.

There is not phrase with a finite verb.

Phrases begin with preposition.

Examples of Phrases :

  1. He wishes to learn Music.

  2. She wants to study further.

  3. The stone fell on the ground.

  4. This practice existed in ancient times.

  5. The girl with blue eyes is Mary.

  6. I like reading books.

  7. We may come to Delhi by train.

  8. They have arranged for boarding.

  9. You are most welcome to this palace.

  10. He went to a doctor.

boldened parts are the phrases)

There are three kinds of Phrases, namely.

  1. Noun Phrases

  2. Adjectival Phrase

  3. Adverbial Phrases

The Other Four Units of English are :

  1. Letter

  2. Word

  3. Clause

  4. Sentence

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