Synonyms & Antonyms : Young


( Adjective )

Young Janes is always ready to help his old parents.








Contextual Examples:

He is old but has
youthful habits which everyone can appreciate.

He is above forty but still has a
boyish look.

He makes
new friends in no time with his sociable outlook.

Their memories of the wedding are still
fresh in their minds.

Maria behaves in a
childish manner sometimes and offends her boss.

This is a
recent publication on Today’s Society.








Contextual Examples:

mature ideas have benefited the company in a big way.

Though he is an
elderly person, he is active and energetic like a young man.

Being aged, he has
ripe judgment on matters of life and death.

The person was very sad because his children deserted him in his
late years.

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