A Word A Day : aeronaut

Thursday, 19th June 2008 : Today's Word is ...

aeronaut :

Definition :

noun :

1. the pilot of a balloon or other lighter-than-air aircraft

2. a traveler in an airship

3. someone who operates an aircraft

Related Forms :

aeronautically : adverb

aeronautical : adjective

aeronautic : adjective

usage :

  • The machine immediately broke through the massive substructure upon which it was builded, and sank out of sight into the earth, the aeronaut springing out barely in time to save himself.

  • A valve opened from one balloon into the other, and thus enabled the aeronaut to communicate with both.

  • One inconvenience resulted from the replacing of the disc, the lower window was blocked up; thus it was impossible for the travelers to observe the moon from that opening while they were being precipitated perpendicularly upon her; but they were obliged to give it up; even by the side openings they could still see vast lunar regions, as an aeronaut sees the earth from his car.

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