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How is the word alias pronounced?

By Mr. Jacson, Switzerland – 8th June 2007.

a in the first syllable is like the ay in day, hay and may. The i is pronounced like the i in sit, bit and fit, while the following a sounds like the a in China. The stress is on the first a.

What is an alias? Your official name may be Kishore, but at home everyone may be calling you Ravi. Ravi is your alias. An alias is a name by which a person is also known. Sometimes, people give a false name deliberately; this can also be called an alias.

Here are a few examples.

• Charles Shobraj, for example, had several aliases.

• Ramanujam, alias Ravi, is arriving in Bangalore tomorrow.

• The well-known criminal used several aliases.

• Shoba, alias Rama, is wanted for questioning by the police.

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