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ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes BI & BIN meaning TWO. There is a word BIS meaning TWICE, but it is not often used. It is heard at the opera sometimes when an aria is so beautifully sung that the audience gets excited and demands hearing it again. BI is used more often than BIN but both are commonly used.

1. Biceps : BI ceps (bie’ seps) n.

Large muscle fastened in two places

2. Bicuspid : BI cuspid (bie kus’ pid) n.

A double - pointed tooth

3. Bicycle : BI cycle (bie’ sik el) n.

A two-wheeled vehicle for travel by foot-power

4. Biennial : BI ennial (bie en’ ee al) adj.

Something that occurs at two-year intervals, or lasts two years

5. Bimonthly : BI monthly (bie month’ lee) adj.

Something that occurs every two months; as, a bimonthly magazine

6. Biweekly : BI weekly (bie wee’ klee) adj.

Something that occurs every two weeks

7. Bifocal : BI focal (bie foe’ kal) adj.

Having two lenses; as, bifocal glasses

8. Bigamy : BI gamy (big’ a me) n.

The act of marrying one person when already married to another

9. Biparental : BI parental (bie pa ren’ tal) adj.

Born of two parents

10. Bivalve : BI valve (bie’ valv) n.

An animal with a shell of two parts which open and shut; as, clams

11. Bipedal : BI pedal (bie ped’ al) adj.

Having two feet; as man

12. Bimanual : BI manual (bie man’ yu al) adj.

Done with both hands

13. Bidentate : BI dentate (bie den’ tate) adj.

Having two teeth

14. Bilabial : BI labial (bie lay’ bee al) adj.

Using both lips, as in pronouncing the letters b, m, and p

15. Binomial : BIN omial (bie no’ mee al) n.

An expression in mathematics consisting of two terms connected by a plus or a minus; as, a - b : 7 - 3

16. Bilingual : BI lingual (bie lin’ gwal) adj.

Using two languages

17. Biracial : BI lingual (bie lin’ gwal) adj.

Concerning two races

18. Bipartisan : BI partisan (bie part’ i zan) adj.

Representing two parties

19. Bisect : BI sect (bie sekt’) v.

Cut into two parts

20. Binocular : BIN ocular (bi nok’ yu lar) n.

An instrument with two eyes, as an opera glass

These ROOT-WORDS bin & bi are used widely.

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