Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi :

They had to release Gandhi in 1931 itself. In 1932, the civil disobedience movement was relaunched and Gandhi was arrested again.

In Jail, he began a FAST UNTO DEATH to protest against the discrimination meted out to the Hindu untouchables. In 1934, Jawaharlal Nehru replaced Gandhi as the leader of the Congress Party. Once out of jail, Gandhi traveled throughout the length and breadth of the country spreading the message of non-violence and seeking to abolish the untouchability that existed in many parts.

In 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, Gandhi entered active politics again. He went on a fast unto death to force the ruler of Rajkot to modify his autocratic rule that was derogatory towards Indians. The British had to accede once again. Mahatma Gandhi became the most important political figure in India.

In 1942, Gandhi started the QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT. Addressing the historic session of the All India Congress Committee on August 7 - 1942, he said, “Our quarrel is not with the British people. We fight their imperialism.” In February 1944, Kasturba fell ill and died.

After this, Gandhi’s health also declined rapidly. By the end of 1944, the British Government had decided to grant independence to India only if the Congress Party resolved its differences with the powerful Muslim League headed by MA Jinnah. Gandhi opposed Jinnah’s demand of India’s partition and formation of Pakistan as a separate country. But eventually he had to give in. On August 15 - 1947, India was partitioned and declared an independent nation.

For many years, it had been practice for the Mahatma to pray with the crowd every evening, no matter where he was. It was the evening of January 30 - 1948. Mahatma Gandhi was in the prayer ground in the large park of the Birla House. He raised his hands and greeted the crowd. Suddenly, a young fanatic named Nathuram Godse forced his way forward and fired three point-blank shots at Gandhi from a small automatic pistol. Gandhi fell down. His lips uttering Hey Ram!

Thus died the Mahatma! It was a huge loss to humanity. Even today, the very name of Mahatma Gandhi makes every Indian sit up with pride. He has been aptly called the Father of the Nation. Mahatma Gandhi, the man who fought for the equality of the human race, shall ever be remembered as the light that represents the living truth and reminds of the right path.

Mahatma Gandhi :

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