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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

16. JEALOUS : (ANSWER : C - Obvious means clear. Atrocious means cruel. Ferocious means full of anger)

(a) obvious (b) atrocious (c) envious (d) ferocious

17. PATRONAGE : (ANSWER : B - Classical music today is in need of patronage. Earlier, its patrons were the maharajas. Classical musicians were honoured in the royal courts. They were given all the support necessary to let their art flourish.)

(a) donation (b) support (c) espionage (d) beneficiary

18. TRAVERSE : (ANSWER : D - How did you traverse the river? That is, how did you go from one side of it to the other? In other words, how did you cross it? If you traverse an area of land or water, you go across it. Traverse is a literary word.)

(a) mingle (b) frustrate (c) take (d) cross

19. FEROCIOUS : (ANSWER : A - Fierce means displaying a violent or ferocious a violent aggresiveness.)

(a) fierce (b) bitter (c) danger (d) enmity

20. RECUPERATE : (ANSWER : C - Once I fall ill, it takes me long to recuperate. That is, I take a long time to recover my health or strength after I have been ill.)

(a) recapture (b) delight (c) recover (d) overcome

21. ALMS : (ANSWER : B - When a cyclone affects an area, the people are deprived of their belongings. You then give them money, clothes, food etc. Such gifts to the poor and needy are called alms. Since they are given out of charity (kindness and tolerance), these gifts are also known as charity.)

(a) blessings (b) charity (c) prayers (d) worship

22. ATTENUATE : (ANSWER : B - You are familiar with the word tenuous. Attenuate also comes from the same Latin root tenuis (= thin). If you attenuate something, you make it slender or thin; you reduce it in force or value.)

(a) repent (b) make thin (c) force (d) divide

23. VINDICTIVE : (ANSWER : A - Mohan and Yadu were friends. One day, however, Mohan went to a cricket match alone. There was only one ticket available and he did not want to miss the match for the sake of his friend. When Yadu came to know of this, he felt aggrieved. Out of vindictiveness, Yadu bought only one ticket for the next match and left Mohan alone. In other words, Yadu took a revenge on Mohan.)

(a) revengeful (b) triumphant (c) strategic (d) demonstrative

24. DISCOMFIT : (ANSWER : B - If you are discomfited by something, it causes you to feel slightly embarrassed or confused.)

(a) litigate (b) embarrass (c) conflict (d) frustrate

25. WRATH : (ANSWER : B - Wrath is extreme anger.)

(a) violence (b) anger (c) hatred (d) displeasing

26. ABSTINENCE : (ANSWER : C - If you abstain from something, you deliberately do not do it. Abstinence, however, is a particular kind of abstaining —that from alcoholic drink, sex etc, often for health or religious reasons. If you abstain from drinking, you do not get drunk.)

(a) synchronic (b) torrential (c) restraint (d) gluttony

27. ERUDITE : (ANSWER : C - An erudite person is scholarly. He or she is full of learning. Now, where does a learned person get his or her learning from? From the world of education or books. In other words, the person has an academic orientation.)

(a) execute (b) expanse (c) academic (d) settle

28. TACITURNITY : (ANSWER : D - A taciturn person is not dumb. A dumb person can’t speak. A taciturn person can speak but does not want to. In other words, he maintains a reserve.)

(a) dumbness (b) changeableness (c) hesitation (d) reserved

29. ANIMATE : (ANSWER : C - As an adjective, animate simply means “having life". For example: Plants and animals are animate objects. Now, as a verb: If you animate something, you make it lively or more cheerful. Thus you put energy into it. In other words, you energise it.)

(a) kill (b) dead (c) energise (d) calm

30. NIGGARDLY : (ANSWER : A - If someone is niggardly, he shows lack of generosity. Thus, generous would be its antonym. But we are looking for a synonym. None of the words is a fit synonym. In such cases we go for the word closest in meaning. Both penurious (very poor) and niggardly imply a lack of money, though in different senses.)

(a) penurious (b) generous (c) liberal (d) nimbus

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