A Word A Day-Narcissism

Word of 13th June 2007: A Word A Day-Narcissism


( Noun )

Narcissism (NAHR si SIZ um): excessive love of one's body or one-self

• In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a boy who fell in love with his own reflection and after lying around for a long time staring at it, turned into a flower.

• To engage in narcissism is to be like Narcissus.

• Throwing a kiss to your reflection in the mirror is an act of narcissism. So is filling your living room with all your bowling trophies or telling everyone how smart and good-looking you are.

• Someone who suffers from narcissism is said to be narcissistic.

• The selfish students were bound up in narcissistic concerns and gave no thought to other people.

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