A Word A Day : Ostentatious

Word of 12th June 2007: A Word A Day-Ostentatious


( Adjective )

Ostentatious (AHS ten TAY shu): excessively conspicuous, showing off

• The designer’s use of expensive materials was ostentatious. Every piece of furniture was covered with silk or velvet and every piece of hardware was made of silver or gold.

• The donor was ostentatious in making his gift to the hospital. He held a big press conference to announce it and then walked through the wards to give patients an opportunity to thank him personally.

• The young lawyer had ostentatiously hung his Harvard diploma on the door to his office.

• To be ostentatious is to engage in ostentation.

• Jerry wore soiled-gold shoes to the party. I was shocked by his ostentation.

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