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Idiom may be defined as expression peculiar to a language. It plays an important part in all languages.

Many verbs, when followed by various prepositions, or by adverbs, acquire an idiomatic sense.


He backed up his friends’ claim.

In this sentence, the verb ‘back’ has been paired with the preposition ‘up’ and is giving the meaning ‘supporting’. Whereas the verb ‘back’ means another meaning.

He supported his friends’ claim.

This kind of expression is called Idiomatic expression.


In few of the following these sentences the idioms are colored blue and their meanings are given in the bracket.

• The present disturbances will soon blow over . (Pass off)
• The police produced the evidences to bear out the charge of murder. (Substantiate)
• You must not build your hopes upon his promises. (Rely upon)
• The matter has been cleared up . (Explained)
• I readily closed with his offer. (Accepted)
• He is ready to dispose off his car. (Sell)
• Rust has eaten away the plate. (Corroded)
• They fixed upon him to do the work. (Chose)
• My good behavior so far gained on my father. (Won the favor of)
• Please hear me out . (Hear me to the end)


As in the previous sentence, few other words may be used between the two parts of the idioms.

Now, let us see how few verbs get their idiomatic formations when they are paired with the prepositions.

Key-Word based idioms have been listed below. Take the particular link to the page of corresponding list of idioms.

Bear| Break| Bring| Call| Carry| Cast| Come| Cry| Cut| Do| Fall| Get
Give| Go| Hold| Keep| Knock| Lay| Let| Look| Make| Pass| Pick| Pull
Put| Run| See| Set| Speak| Stand| Strike| Take| Talk
Tell| Throw| Turn| Work

The idioms have been listed alphabetically below. Take the particular link to the page of corresponding list of idioms.

A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M

N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

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