16th April

The events happened on 16th April are :

1912 : Harriet Quimby's flight across the English Channel : On this day in 1912, American aviator Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel, guiding her French Blériot monoplane through heavy overcast from Dover, England, to Hardelot, France.

2003 : At age 40, Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the best player in the history of basketball, played his last game in the National Basketball Association.

1948 : In order to restore the economy of Europe after World War II, 16 European countries formed the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (later the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

1922 : British author Sir Kingsley Amis, who created in his first novel, Lucky Jim (1954), a comic figure that became a household word in Great Britain in the 1950s, was born.

1917 : Vladimir Ilich Lenin ended his 17-year exile and returned to Russia to form a provisional government.

1838 : French forces occupied the Mexican city of Veracruz during the Pastry War.

1755 : Painter Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, known for her portraits of Queen Marie-Antoinette, was born in Paris.

1746 : An English army defeated a Scottish force under Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) at the Battle of Culloden, ending the Jacobite effort to restore the Stuarts to England's throne.

1646 : Architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, who redesigned and expanded the Palace of Versailles, was born in Paris.

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