1st April

The events happened on 1st April are :

1999 : Creation of Nunavut : Created this day in 1999 by carving a vast region from Canada's Northwest Territories, the Canadian territory of Nunavut stretches across much of the Canadian Arctic and encompasses the traditional lands of the Inuit.

Today : April Fools' Day, celebrated today with joking relationships and practical jokes, may have grown out of the medieval Feast of Fools, which was held on January 1.

2001 : The midair collision of a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet that was tailing it over the South China Sea resulted in the death of the Chinese pilot and the landing of the damaged American plane on Hainan Island, where its crew was detained for 11 days.

1984 : American entertainer Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father in Los Angeles.

1954 : The United States Air Force Academy was created by an act of Congress and was later built in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1945 : U.S. troops landed on the Japanese island of Okinawa during World War II.

1918 : The United Kingdom's Royal Air Force was formed.

1917 : American composer and pianist Scott Joplin died in a mental institution in New York City.

1578 : English physician William Harvey, who discovered the true nature of the circulation of the blood, was born in Folkestone, Kent.

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