27th December

The events happened on 27th December are :

1949 : Dutch transfer of Indonesian sovereignty : On this day in 1949, four years after nationalist revolutionary leader Sukarno had declared Indonesia's independence, formal sovereignty over the country was transferred from the Dutch to the United States of Indonesia.

1978 : Houari Boumedienne, president of Algeria, died at age 51.

1932 : The internal passport system, previously denounced by Vladimir Ilich Lenin as one of the worst stigmas of tsarist backwardness and despotism, was reinstated in the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin.

1831 : Charles Darwin set sail on the HMS Beagle, beginning the voyage on which he would formulate his theory of evolution.

1801 : After conquering Italy, Napoleon established the Republic of Lucca.

1512 : Ferdinand II issued the Laws of Burgos to “regulate the relations” between Spaniards and Indians in Spain's American colonies.

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