3rd May

The events happened on 3rd May are :

1979 : Margaret Thatcher elected prime minister of Britain : On this day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative Party was elected British prime minister, becoming the first woman in Europe to hold that post and later the longest continuously serving British premier since 1827.

1996 : At the first formal review of the 1980 Geneva Convention on Inhumane Weapons, the signatories agreed to curtail the use of land mines over the next decade.

1937 : American author Margaret Mitchell won a Pulitzer Prize for her enormously popular novel Gone with the Wind, which was made into an Academy Award-winning motion picture two years later.

1815 : The Congress Kingdom of Poland was created by the Congress of Vienna as part of the political settlement at the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

1494 : European explorer Christopher Columbus encountered the island of Jamaica, which he named Santiago.

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