4th May

The events happened on 4th May are :

1996 : José María Aznar approved as prime minister of Spain : José María Aznar of the conservative Popular Party became prime minister of Spain this day in 1996 and served until 2004, overseeing an improving economy while facing growing terrorism by ETA and Islamic extremists.

1942 : During World War II, U.S. air and naval fleets turned back a Japanese invasion force heading for the strategic Port Moresby, New Guinea, in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

1919 : In what later became known as the May Fourth Movement, patriotic Chinese students protested the decision of the Paris Peace Conference that Japan retain defeated Germany's rights and possessions in Shantung (Shandong).

1886 : Violence between police and labour protesters erupted in the Haymarket Riot in Chicago, dramatizing the labour movement's struggle for recognition in the United States.

1863 : The Battle of Chancellorsville in the American Civil War, a bloody assault by the Union army in Virginia that failed to disperse the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, continued.

1814 : Napoleon landed at the island of Elba to serve the first of his two exiles.

1770 : Baron François Gérard, a French Neoclassical painter best known for his portraits of celebrated European personalities, particularly the leading figures of the French First Empire and Restoration periods, was born in Rome.

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